Welcome to Beo – Centre for Mindfulness & Integrated Health

We believe that each person has a unique capacity to impact positively on their own health and wellbeing. We invite each participant to take an active role in their physical and emotional wellbeing and in the whole of their lives. We recognise the unique interaction between mind and body in health and healing.

The symbol Beo means alive or living in Irish, our logo is inspired by the shape of a wave.

As humans we can’t always stop the challenges of life, but we can learn to mobilize our inner resources to cope and live better with what life throws our way.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Using mindfulness as a core principal, we foster a sense of honouring the whole of a person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Honouring the potential of each human being to learn, to grow, to transform and to heal.

What we offer:

  • Evidence Based Mindfulness Trainings, Workshops & Retreats embedded in the context of mind body medicine, for a range of medical conditions.
  • Mindfulness Based Resilience Training for Healthcare Professionals.
  • Mindfulness through Movement – Embodiment Dance
  • Mindful Walking Retreats

We invite all participants to explore mind and body with a sense of curiosity, open heartedness and kindness – learning skills to self regulate and develop resilience.

Positive, great experience, I feel much more capable of dealing with my personal struggles, I feel more hopeful.
Participant, Dublin
I found the practices very helpful, especially the breathing deeply – I’m now sleeping better.
Participant, Dublin
Very precious and valuable experience… life changing.
Participant, Donegal
I think it will help me recognise when I am stressed and to take a step back and use the tools available to deal with it.
Participant, Dublin