Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed ?

Are you having difficulty coping ?

Are you experiencing chronic pain or ill health ?

If so, Mindfulness is a simple and practical tool that supports developing a greater sense of ease, calm and wellbeing.

Mindfulness is an awareness practice that helps us to live more fully in the present moment. One definition of mindfulness is that of paying attention to what’s happening in the here and now without judgment.

Much of the time we spend our lives running on automatic pilot, not actually aware of what’s happening in our body and mind, and in the world around us. We can easily become lost in our thoughts, worrying about the future and thinking about the past. With this, we can miss much of our lives.

In practicing mindfulness we invite our attention to come right back to this present moment, which is the only moment life is available to us. We learn to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, developing skills to manage them rather than being overwhelmed. We use our breath and body to stabilise our attention in the here and now. Practising mindfulness can help boost attention and concentration, and improve relationships.

Evidence shows that practicing mindfulness regularly benefits both body and mind, promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Rooted in ancient Buddhist texts, mindfulness is now a secular practice which can be applied to all aspects of modern day life and applies to all ages.



Weekly Mindfulness Workshops 

Become a participant in your own Health and Wellbeing during these times of crisis 
During this time of global health crisis our nervous systems are often naturally activated towards survival. Amidst huge uncertainty we can easily become lost in fear based thinking, in negative rumination and worry, all of which can have a negative impact on our physical health and our immune system. In this workshop we learn to activate our innate skills and tools for self care and wellbeing. We are invited to come back into a kindhearted awareness of our bodies, minds and hearts. We learn to recognise the moments that we become lost in unhealthy patterns of behaviour and thinking. We are reminded that we have a choice. Using mindfulness as a core, we become empowered with practical tools and techniques to restore our nervous system back into balance. This in turns strengthens the immune system.
This experiential workshop explores the connection between Mind – Heart and Immune system, and offers practical guidance on how to tap into a relaxation response to support our greatest health. 
When: Thurs 7th May (new date) 
Time:   7 -9.30pm 
Cost:   35 euro 
           Sliding Scale for those on reduced income 25 euro / 15 euro 
How:   We will use zoom to offer this workshop 
           Please email info@beomindfulhealth.ie to book your place 
           You will then receive a link to the online workshop. 
Becoming a Friend to oneself
An Evening of Mindfulness and Self Compassion 
As we continue to navigate this period of restriction, we are all being forced to meet our ‘edges’. Whether it be 
in homeschooling, working from home, loosing one’s job, or feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
It is a time when we are hugely confronted with our own vulnerability as humans. 
When we are stressed and running on automatic pilot, our minds often lean towards self judgement, self criticism or old unhelpful patterns of reactivity.
How do we learn to meet ourselves with care and even friendliness during these times of great challenge ? 
Kirsten Neff shares that one of the greatest components in building resilience is that of self compassion.
In this workshop we will explore how we might begin to water that seed of friendliness towards ourselves. 
Through meditation and mindful movement we will reflect and enquire on cultivating a healthier way of meeting ourselves. 
When: Thurs May 14th 

Time:   7-9.30pm
Where: This workshop is offered through Zoom online
Cost:    35 euro, Sliding Scale for those on low income 25 euro / 15 euro 
             email info@beomindfulhealth.ie to book your place 
             You will then receive a link to the online workshop. 



Only that day dawns to which we are awake.Thoreau