Women’s Health Clinic – Initial Assessment Available Online

Dr Paula offers specialised Women’s Health Consultations, taking an Integrated or Holistic approach to your Women’s Health concern. Given this current health climate, we are now offering an Initial Women’s Health Consultation Online. 

Your Women’s Health Consultation

The Women’s Health Clinic takes a holistic approach to your specific women’s health concern. During your consultation Dr Paula combines her background in Western Medicine with her training in Mind- Body Medicine.

Each patient will be invited to fill in a reflective health questionnaire before their consultation. Dr Paula will explore the questionnaire with you, alongside taking a full medical history and examination. At the end of the consultation you will be offered a participatory prescription which may include further investigations & medications as needed alongside mind – body interventions and guidance on necessary lifestyle interventions.

A breast and pelvic examination will be arranged as needed.

Swabs and urine analysis are ordered if needed and are included in the consultation fee.

Our Holistic Women’s Health Clinic can support you for acute and chronic health concerns including :

Breast problems
Contraception choices
Menstrual Problems
Pelvic pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Fertility counselling, investigations and referrals
Menopause Consultation
Common Vaginal Infections
Sexual Health Concerns
Polycystic Overian Syndrome
Pre-Pregnancy Counselling and support
Women’s Health Check, including private cervical smears
Mental Health Consultation: Anxiety, depression


Initial Consultation fee: €150 ( 75 mins ), 165 euro  if blood work included

Women’s Health Review Consultation: €100  ( 60 mins )

Repeat Prescription:€20

Please check with your health insurance company as you may be covered for this health consultation.

Please note during these times of financial strain a  sliding scale fee is available for those who are unwaged or on low income.


Scheduling an appointment

Please note Dr Paula is currently away in Massachusuetts for self study and meditation practice. The next available clinic appointment is March 30th 2020. Please email if you would like a booking.